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Driven & Walked Up Shooting

Driven and Walked-up Shooting on the Isle of Muck

Drives on The Benn, Barg, The Meadow, Middle Shed and Fang Mhor

Driven Shooting

We set up the shot in 2006 and along with our team, have worked hard over the years to enhance the Islands habitat and develop some excellent drives.  


By planting small pockets of game cover alongside new and existing plantations and by using the island’s natural topography of deep gullies, cliff faces and heather clad hills, we can show a number of challenging drives with a mix of high and fast curling pheasants and partridges.  We have also created a number of duck ponds on the high ground to show very tall ducks, some of which are driven out to sea over high cliff faces.


Our signature drives include, The Benn, Barg, The Meadow, Middle Shed and Fang Mhor.  All of these drives will test the most experienced of guns and show some incredible birds.


shooting at Gallanach Lodge, Isle of Muc

Our driven packages tend to be based over 2 to 3 nights with either a day and a half of shooting or two back-to-back days shooting. Bags start from 150 birds for the trip and we can offer larger days if required. We have a real variety of game on the island with Pheasant, Red-Legged Partridges, Grey Partridges, Geese, Snipe and Woodcock along with a number of species of Ducks.   It’s not uncommon to shoot 4-5 different species on the same drive which makes for some very varied and exciting shooting.

shooting at Gallanach Lodge, Isle of Muc

We tend to shoot around 4-5 drives per day with a good break for elevenses which we tend to serve out in the field. We provide homemade fruit liquors and Champagne served with homemade game sausage rolls, and a selection of smoked meats and home baked goodies. Lunch is served at the Bothy, where a sumptuous meal will be provided along with a range of drinks and wines. If guests choose to stay longer, we offer BBQ lunches back at the Lodge, where we grill the finest of well-hung beef or our own tender venison fillet over flames. We take our hospitality as seriously as we take our shooting!


Our guests’ experience is very important to us and we are very lucky to have a high return rate of bookings which makes our availability very limited.  However, if you are interested in shooting with us here on Muck, please do drop us a line to discuss your requirements.

shooting at Gallanach Lodge, Isle o Muck
shooting at Gallanach Lodge, Isle o Muck

Driven Shooting Gallery

Walked Up Shooting

We offer a small number of walked-up sporting breaks throughout the season for snipe and woodcock, along with a good mix of other game. We can also offer duck and goose flights either over our ponds, on the foreshore or on feeding sites all over the Island.  These flights usually take part at first light or at last light and can add a bit of extra variety and excitement to a walked up day.

Our walked up days will take our guests to the extreme boundaries of the island in search of our quarry and the sport on offer is as wild as you will find in Scotland amidst some of the most beautiful scenery in the country.


If you are looking for a totally different sporting adventure in one of the most stunningly beautiful and remote parts of Scotland, then give us a call to find out more.

Walked Up Shooting Gallery

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